Item Type

Overdue Fines

Replacement Charges 

Marked as Lost

Replacement charges are applied

Arabic and English Keyboard$1 per hour$306 days overdue
Blue Light Lamps$1 per day$1406 days overdue
Bound Journals
25 cents per day$140 6 weeks overdue
Calculators$1 per hour$20 - $140 6 days overdue
Cassette Player$1 per hour$306 days overdue
Computer Mice$1 per hour$15 - $306 days overdue
Course Reserves$2 per hour$1406 days overdue
DVD/CD Drives$1 per hour$306 days overdue
DVDs, CDs, and videos
25 cents per day$140 6 days overdue
Flash Drives$1 per hour$106 day overdue
Floppy Drives$1 per hour$306 days overdue
General Collection25 cents per day$70 6 weeks overdue
Headphones$1 per hour

Noise Cancelling: $100-300 

All others: $15

6 days overdue
Headphone Splitters$1 per hour$106 days overdue
iPads$1 per day$5126 days overdue
Interlibrary Loan50 cents per day$1006 weeks overdue
Kindle Voyage $1 per day$3306 days overdue
Laptop Chargers$1 per hour


6 days overdue
Laptops - 1 week$1 per day

Dell Latitude: $1400

Dell Chromebook: $700

6 days overdue
Laptops - 6 hour$5 per hour


HP Chromebook: $750


6 days overdue
Lockers$1 per day$30 for key6 days overdue
Maps25 cents per day

Print format: $70

CD format: $140

6 weeks overdue

Microphone$1 per hour$306 days overdue
Monitor Adapters$1 per hour$306 days overdue
Nexus 10 Tablet$1 per day$5506 days overdue
Portable Scanners$1 per hour$1256 days overdue
Recalled Items$2 per dayNot applicableNot applicable
Remotes$1 per hour$306 days overdue
Research Rooms$1 per day$25 for keycard6 days overdue
Study Rooms$5 per hour$25 for keycard6 days overdue
Summit$1 per day$756 weeks overdue
USB Cables$1 per hour$306 days overdue
Whiteboard Markers$1 per hour$106 days overdue

Grace Periods

There is a 3 day grace period for the general collection and Interlibrary loan materials with full charges beginning on the 4th day.

Recalled items and Summit loans do not have a grace period.

Staff and Faculty

OSU Faculty, Staff, and GTAs may accrue overdue fines on materials loaned through Interlibrary Loan and Summit.


For general collection materials, we send by email...

  • courtesy notices 4 days before the due date
  • notices on the due date
  • reminder notices 14 days after the due date

For hourly items, we send by email...

  • receipt that includes the due time 
  • The system is unable to send timely overdue notices for hourly items. We recommend setting an alarm when materials are due. 
  • reminder notices 2 days after the due time


Once a month, library charges are submitted to Business Affairs and posted directly to your OSU account. An invoice is sent to you at the beginning of each month if you have any charges. 

Lost or Damaged Materials

Items considered lost will be billed to your OSU account. The lost item charge for OSU items returned within 1 year of the billing date are automatically credited. Overdue fines and processing fees may still apply. Lost Valley Library items will not affect your borrowing privileges. Refunds for Summit and ILL are determined by the lending library. 

Non-OSU patrons' borrowing privileges will be temporarily suspended if library charges exceed $100 and they will be reinstated when those charges have been resolved.

The borrower is financially responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged library materials and/or equipment. Regardless of whether payment has been made for an item, library items remain the property of the university. Materials cannot be purchased from the library. Any person who has falsely claimed to have lost materials simply to retain possession can be charged for illegally possessing state property. If library items are damaged, especially by water, please return them immediately to Circulation so appropriate measures can be taken.

Appealing Library Charges

You may appeal library charges if you believe they have been mistakenly assessed or that extenuating circumstances warrant reduction or cancellation. Appeals should be made within 30 days of the original billing. You will receive a response by email within one week.

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