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June 3, 2016 - New Books List

The following books have arrived at the Guin Library:

Call Number



G70.212 .M33 2015

MacLeod, Colin D., author.

GIS for biologists : a practical introduction for undergraduates

G593 .N669 2016

Nord, Douglas C. 1952- author. (Douglas Charles),

The Arctic Council : governance within the Far North

GC31.4 .C637 2015


Coastal ocean observing systems

GC57 .M557 2016

Milroy, Scott, author.

Field methods in marine science : from measurements to models

GC221.2 .B78 2014

Bryant, Edward, 1948- author.

Tsunami : the underrated hazard

GC1018 .H86 2015


Human-wildlife conflict : complexity in the marine environment.

QH91 .A3 v.73

Jefferson, Thomas and Curry, Barbara, eds.

Advances in marine biology: humpback dolphins (Sousa spp.):  current status and conservation, part 2

QH541.15.S72 Z883 2012

Zuur, Alain F., author.

A beginner's guide to generalized additive models with R

QH541.5.C6 U745 2014

 McCleery, Robert (ed.)

Urban wildlife conservation : theory and practice

QL426.C6 .C35 2001

Cai Yingya.

Guangdong de hai bei

QL618.2 .T45 2014

Carone, Skylar (ed.)

Teleosts : evolutionary development, diversity and behavioral ecology

QL638.S2 S2333 2014Woo, P.T.K.Salmon : biology, ecological impacts and economic importance
QL638.S35 B56 2016Takashi Kitagawa, Shingo Kimura (eds.)Biology and ecology of bluefin tuna

QL638.9 .P4375 2013

Peschak, Thomas P.

Sharks and people : exploring our relationship with the most feared fish in the sea

QL638.9 .S4855 2014

 Techera, Erika

Sharks : conservation, governance, and management

QL737.C432 P65 2014

Pollard, Sandra.

Puget Sound whales for sale : the fight to end orca hunting

QL757 .P25 2015

 Christopher Peacock (ed.)

Parasite genomics protocols

QP632.M37 S54 2014

 Robert M. Hay (ed.)

Shellfish : human consumption, health implications, and conservation concerns

SH20.M36 A3 2014

Marach, W. N., author.

A gillnet's drift : tales of fish and freedom on the BC coast

SH138 .F36 2010

FAO Technical Workshop

Expanding mariculture farther offshore :  technical, environmental, spatial, and governance challenges (Online Access Only)

SH222.A4 I55 2015

 J. Alford, M. Peterson, C. Green (eds.)

Impacts of oil spill disasters on marine habitats and fisheries in North America

SH328 .F68 2014

 Sass & Allen (eds.)

Foundations of fisheries science

SH328 .W433 2015

Webster, D. G., 1975- author.

Beyond the tragedy in global fisheries

SH331.9 .F88 2014

 Taylor, Lynch, and Leonard

Future of fisheries : perspectives for emerging professionals

SH351.T8 A38 2016

 Benetti, Partrigde, & Buentello  (eds.)

Advances in tuna aquaculture : from hatchery to market

SH371 .O97 2014

 Judith Turner (ed.)

Oysters : biology, consumption, and ecological importance

SH383.2 .L595 2014

 Nancy Shoemaker (ed.)

Living with whales : documents and oral histories of Native New England whaling history

SH399.S32 E24 2015

  N. Brown, S. Eddy (eds.)

Echinoderm aquaculture

REF T11 .S386 2014


Scientific style and format : the CSE manual for authors, editors, and publishers

TX385 .S435 2015

Se-Kwon Kim (ed.)

Seafood science : advances in chemistry, technology, and applications