With the arrival of fall, the days are getting shorter and the nights longer. If you are on campus after dark, be aware of these biking tips and safety resources for getting around campus at night.

Be Bright. Be Smart.

Whether you drive a car or ride a bike, you can do plenty of things to get around more safely.

Be bright – When on a bike at night, be seen by turning on your front and rear bike lights, using reflective gear on your bike, backpack or clothing, and by wearing brighter colors. A headlight illuminates your way ahead and makes you visible; in addition, Oregon law requires a bright white light on the front of your bike after dark. If you’re without a light, a temporary solution is a flashlight app on your smartphone (just don't drop your phone).

If you’re on foot in the dark, there are ways to be more visible to drivers such as by wearing a bright jacket or other clothing, choosing a bright-colored umbrella for rainy nights, and by placing a flashing light or reflective strips on your backpack, purse or messenger bag.

Stay sharp – When on the road, be alert. Drive and ride without distractions, watch for potential dangers ahead, and pay careful attention to obstacles on the road.

Provide a cushion – Keep a safe distance from the vehicles ahead in case they suddenly stop without warning.

For more info about biking safely at night, go to http://poweredbyorange.com/special-issues/be-bright/.

Be Bright is a collaborative effort between Oregon State University and the City of Corvallis to encourage Corvallis citizens and the OSU community to increase their visibility on their daily commute.


Here are some great safety-related resources on campus:

AOSU Saferide Shuttle Service — http://asosu.oregonstate.edu/services/saferide or 541-737-5000. SafeRide is a service dedicated to providing OSU students with a safer ride home or to campus, free from judgment. Saferide operates throughout the Corvallis and Philomath communities, and it is open to all OSU students on the Corvallis campus. Download the app SafeRide OSU from Google Play for Android or iTunes Store for the iPhone. For those without a smartphone, call the dispatchers at 541-737-5000.

The Department of Public Safety on campus will provide a personal escort when you need one – just call 541-737-3010.

Blue light emergency phones are located throughout campus, and yellow box security phones at located at resident hall entrances.

Public Safety provides a campus map showing lighted walking routes, as well as personal safety tips, at the Campus by Night webpage at http://fa.oregonstate.edu/publicsafety.

Posted - October 13, 2017