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December 2017 - New Books List

The following books have arrived at the Guin Library:



Call Number

Endeavouring Banks: exploring collections from the Endeavour voyage, 1768-1771.

Chambers, Neil et al

G420.B18 C43 2016

On the edge of survival: a shipwreck, a raging storm, and the harrowing Alaskan rescue that became a legend.

Walker, Spike

G530 .S415 2011  

Management of  marine protected areas: a network perspective.

Goriup, Paul D., ed.

GC1023.425.B52 M36 2017  

Oceanographer's companion: essential nautical skills for seagoing scientists and engineers.

Maul, George A.,

GC24 .M38 2017  

Investigating seafloors and oceans: from mud volcanoes to giant squid.

Joseph, Antony

GC87 .J67 2017

Seafloor mapping along continental shelves: research and techniques for visualizing benthic environments.

Finkl, Charles W.  & Makowski, Christopher, eds.

GC87 .S434 2016  

Marine mammal conservation and the law of the sea.

Jefferies, Cameron S.G

K3525 .J44 2016

My last continent: a novel.

Raymond, Midge

PS3618.A9855 M9 2016  

Resurrecting the shark: a scientific obsession and the mavericks who solved the mystery of a 270-million-year-old fossil.

Ewing, Susan

QE852.C52 E895 2017  

Natural history of the Pacific Northwest mountains: plants, animals, fungi, geology, climate.

Mathews, Daniel

QH104.5.N6 M38 2017

Estuarine ecology (2nd ed).

Day, J.W; Crump

QH541.5.E8 E849 2013

Life in the dark: illuminating biodiversity in the shadowy haunts of planet earth.

Fenolio, Dante B.

QH546 .F46 2016

Introduction to the biology of marine life.

Morrissey, John F. & Sumich, James

QH91 .S95 2018  

Great white shark scientist.

Montgomery, Sy

QH91.3 .S575 2016  CHILD

Marine genomics: methods and protocols.

Bourlat, Sarah J., ed.

QH91.57.A1 M37 2016

Marine plankton: a practical guide to ecology, methodology, and taxonomy.

Castellani, Claudia  & Edwards, M., eds.

QH91.8.P5 M35 2017

Marine benthic dinoflagellates--unveiling their worldwide biodiversity.

Hoppenrath, Mona, et al.

QK569.D56 H67 2014  

Edible mushrooms: safe to pick, good to eat.

Forsberg, Barbro et al.

QK617 .F5713 2014

Planktic foraminifers in the modern ocean: ecology, biogeochemistry, and application.

Schiebel, Ralf & Hemleben, Crhistoph

QL368.F6 S35 2017

Immersion:  The Science and Mystery of Freshwater Mussels.

Landis, Abbie Gascho

QL430.6 .G37 2017  

Rays of the world.

Last, P.R.

QL638.8 .R392 2016  

Marine mammal welfare: human induced change in the marine environment and its impacts on marine mammal welfare.

Butterworth, Andy, ed.

QL713.2 .M34 2017  

Lives of Hawai'i's dolphins and whales: natural history and conservation.

Baird, Robin W

QL737.C43 B35 2016  

Understanding statistical error: a primer for biologists.

Gierlinski, Marek


Ornamental fishes and aquatic invertebrates: self-assessment color review.

Lewbart, Gregory A.

SF458.5 .L48 2016  

Genomics in aquaculture.

Mackenzie, Simon & Jentoft, Sissel, eds

SH135 .G46 2016  

Fish diseases: prevention and control strategies.

Jeney, Gallina

SH171 .F57 2017

Fish viruses and bacteria: pathobiology and protection.

Woo, Patrick T.K. et al, eds

SH177.V57 F57 2017  

Management science in fisheries: an introduction to simulation-based methods.

Edwards, Charles T.T.& Dankel, Dorothy J., eds/

SH328 .M353 2016  

Herring tales: how the silver darlings shaped human taste and history.

Murray, Donald S.,

SH351.H5 M87 2015  

Next wave: the quest to harness the power of the oceans.

Rusch, Elizabeth

TC147 .R87 2014 CHILD

Management of marine plastic debris: prevention, recycling, and waste management.

Niaounakis, Michael

TD427.P62 N53 2017