The core documents cited in the sections of bibliography will give you a basic understanding of the processes and the issues. Others cover more specific information, perhaps by species or treament technigue. Most of the material has been published since 1970. We include older material if still relevant. While the Pacific Northwest and Alaska are the geographic areas of most interest, often material from other parts of the world are useful.

The bibliography is composed of various sections. Each has a different origin and addresses an issue facing the seafood industry. The current sections are:

  • Seafood wastewater
    Ed Kolbe identified this issue. He provided guidance and suggestions to Larry Schmidt, a library school graduate student with a masters degree in environmental engineering, who gleaned material from many sources using various searching techniques.
  • Thawing Technologies
    This section is based on the references of a review Ed Kolbe wrote for Dekker's 2003 Encyclopedia of Agricultural, Food and Biological Engineering. Janet Webster did an initial search for him in Food Science and Technology Abstracts.
  • Composting Seafood Wastes and Seafood By-products
    These two sections are enhanced versions of a bibliography compilied by Ken Hilderbrand, Oregon Sea Grant. Upon his retirement in 2002, he gave this collection of documents to the Guin Library. As we sorted through them, we decided to make them more accessible while selecting those most relevant to seafood interests.

You can view an individual section of the bibliography as a text list or search the entire bibliography using general keywords such as "wastewater" or "thawing."

The bibliography uses ProCite Version 5.0. The standard work forms are used so basic bibliographic information, location, and keywords are consistent.

Each citation has several keywords assigned to it. These describe the content of the item more fully than the title. The Water Resources Abstracts Thesaurus (available through Cambridge Scientific Abstracts)and the Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts Thesaurus have been used as much as possible for subject terms.

Abstracts were added to augment the keywords. Permission was granted to use those downloaded from commerical databases and we created additional ones as needed.

If you are interested in learning more about creating bibiographies, several resources are available.

Let us know if you find other material you think should be included.

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