What's available

  • SmartBoard interactive whiteboard
  • Sanyo Projector
  • Robotel classroom management system
  • Document Feeder
  • HP LaserJet 4000N printer


The SmartBoard screen is out of alignment (if you touch links and they don't open, or if you can't get the cursor into a text box, this might be the problem).

  1. Click on the SmartBoard icon.
  2. Choose "Align."

The sound doesn't work on the SmartBoard.

  1. Check that the volume isn't muted in Windows.
  2. Adjust the volume using the volume controls on the SmartBoard itself.

How do I shut down the SmartBoard?

  1. Shut down or log off Windows, using the SmartBoard or the Sympodium.
  2. Press the black button on the SmartBoard tray and hold it down until the projector shuts down.

The (Sanyo) projector won't turn on.

  1. Check that the remote control is turned on (there is an on-off switch on the side of the remote control unit itself).
  2. Check the batteries in the remote control (there are extra batteries in the drawer on the far right side of the Instructor's station at the front of the room. If there are no batteries there, there is a large supply in the closet behind the Instructor's station at the front of the room. The key to the main doors will open the door to that closet).

The display from the projector is cut off on the left side.

  1. Use the remote control to adjust the display. Press the PC ADJ button.

The projector is on, but it is not displaying what is on my computer screen.

  1. Use the INPUT button on the remote control to find the right signal.

The display on the Robotel control box says "Enter password."

  1. Press the Enter key once.