Library Fest

Tuesday, October 10, 2017 - Tykeson Hall 204 - 11 am to 1:30 pm

  • Prizes
    • Spin the wheel, and win a prize!
  • Benny
    • Take a picture with Benny and post it on Instagram. You can even tag us @CascadesLib and use #CascadesLibraryFest so we can share them with others!
  • Deschutes Public Library - Public library cards
    • New to town, or just haven't made it to the public library yet to get a card? Well, they're coming to you! Just make sure you have a piece of ID and they'll get you signed up!
  • COCC's Barber Library
    • Learn about the Library services still available to you at COCC as an OSU student!
  • Course reserves
    • Vote on what textbooks we purchase for Winter Term, and see if we have your textbooks on reserve right now!
  • Active Learning Kits
    •  Prefer to learn with your hands, or just looking for something new? Check out our active learning kits which put you in the driver seat of your future knowledge! There are a wide variety of kits, so one just might fit your interest.
  • Human Library, with Human books from OSU-Cascades
    • A human library functions similarly to a regular library, however, the Books are real, human beings, who teach others about themselves and their experiences through interpersonal dialogue. Books in Human Libraries often represent various cultures and identities, and have unique life experiences.
  • Upcycle Crafts
    • Create beautiful crafts from plastic bags. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
  • Snacks & Treats!
    • Provided by the Textbook Lending Grant which ASCC and the OSU-Cascades Libray received to purchase textbooks for course reserves from the OSU Women's Giving Circle.

Stop by to learn about all the library has to offer, and start your year off on the right foot!