Estuaries are once again emerging as important ecosystems for scientific study. Consequently, knowledge of what research has been conducted helps us identify benchmarks and plan new projects. A comprehensive bibliography of published research, technical reports, local documents, and data sets is one means of recording this knowledge. Netarts Bay is located in Oregon's Tillamook County.

Using the Bibliography

You can search a web version of the Netarts Bay Bibliography. 

Using the search box in the web version:

The search box is working for title and keyword searches. To search for an exact phrase, put it in quotes.  Ex.:  Salmon Creek picks up the many records that contain the words 'salmon' and 'creek.'  Searching by "Salmon Creek" picks up records that contain the phrase 'Salmon Creek.'  For other keyword searching,  “Historical” is used instead of "history," in order not to confuse history references with life history information about organisms. “Archeology” is preferred over “archaeology.”

To search for authors, click on "Authors" or the left side of the page, then click on the letter of the alphabet that begins the author's last name.  You can also click on "Keywords" on the left and scroll to see the keywords used.

You can also browse the text version. Links are included to those items available online.

The bibliography may be used for non-commercial educational and research purposes. For other uses, please contact Guin Library,

Creating the Bibliography

What's included:

All citations relate to the natural environment of Netarts Bay including the obvious field work, watershed work, and studies showing human pressure on the ecosystem. Historical material with descriptions or photographs of the area are included.

A wide range of formats are covered such as journal articles, technical reports, proceedings, government documents, theses, maps, and web sites.

Work Process:

Season Long, a graduate student in OSU's Marine Resource Management Program, compiled a base set of citations using the resources listed in the Netarts Bay Watershed Inventory. Janet Webster worked with Bill Hastie from the Netarts Bay Watershed, Estuary, Beach and Sea (WEBS) Advisory Committee to identify additional material and review the bibliography.

The following sources for additional material were used: Bays and Estuaries of Oregon: a Literature Review of Ph.D. and Masters Theses at Oregon State University and University of Oregon (1974) by Smallbone; A Bibliography of Estuarine Research in Oregon by Morgan and Holton (1977); Bibliography of Publications and Theses compiled by Ludwig (1987).

We searched available catalogs including those of Oregon State University Libraries, the University of Oregon Library, the University of Washington Library, the State Library of Oregon, and the OCLC database. We also searched available indexes including Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts, Biosis, Zoological Record, Environmental Sciences & Pollution Management, TOXLINE, Water Resources Abstracts, and Fish and Fisheries Worldwide. We also discovered items through word-of-mouth.

We continue to add to the bibliography as items are found or brought to our attention. Please send us citations you believe should be included.

Funding the Bibliography

The Tillamook Bay Partnership has generously funded digitization efforts. WEBS and the OSU Libraries work together to support the ongoing work.