Award recipients, parking reservations, and space remodeling.


Several OSULP faculty are the recipients of awards.

Robert Lundeen Library Faculty Development Award: 

The Lundeen Award supports meaningful faculty development through the pursuit of scholarship or through professional capacity building.

  • Professors Lindsay Marlow, Kelly McElroy, Natalia Fernandez, and  Steve Van Tuyl received $3000 for a project focused on gathering and sharing the stories of first generation students, faculty and staff at Oregon State University.
  • Professor Stefanie Buck will apply her award of $1900 to attend the 2018 Qualtrics Summit and expand her existing expertise teaching Qualtrics for research purposes. 

Bob Lundeen, former member of the Libraries’ Advisory Council, established the Lundeen Award in 2003. A committed supporter of his alma mater, he was employed most of his career at Dow Chemical where he eventually became the chairman of the board. He also was the CEO and board chair of Tektronix. In addition to this award, Bob and his wife Betty established a number of scholarships to benefit Oregon State University students. 

Libraries Student Internship Program Fund

OSULP sponsors multiple internships throughout the year through various fund. The Libraries Student Internship Program Fund was created from the estate gift of Ramona Barnard to establish our student internship program. Though not an alumna, Mrs. Barnard was a huge Beaver fan. She worked for a short time at OSU's Comptroller's office but most of her career she helped to run her husband's building contracting firm, Barnard and Kinney, where she was the unofficial CFO. 

Hui Zhang, OSULP’s internship coordinator, issued the call for internship proposals in the late spring and we are funding two projects:

  • Chris Petersen, Senior Faculty Research Assistant in SCARC,will be coordinating an internship project ($3000) entitled "Voices of a Warming Planet: OSU Perspectives on Climate Change, An Oral History Project.”
  • Clara Llebot Lorente, Assistant Professor in Teaching and Engagement, will oversee an internship project called "Communication Toolkit for Data Sharing.”

Congratulations to all of these faculty members for their successful proposals.  We can all look forward to hearing about their efforts in the coming academic year.  



A special thanks to all those who chipped in to help unload a half-semi truck of furniture (about 2400 lbs) for the Reading and Writing Studio.  Thank you Lorrain de la Riva, Ryo Fabrega, Bryan Feyerherm, Joel Hudson, Emma Kridler, Erin Kooyman, Patrick Layton, Jessica Mastogiorgio, Ian Scofield, Kristin Swetland, Stefanie Buck, and Victoria Heiduschke.

Bryan Feyerherm moving a box off a truck. Stefanie Buck, Kristin Swetland, and Emma Kridler open boxes outside of the Valley Library.  Library employees assemble some chairs.

Looking for Parking next year?  Just a few things are changing next year including:

  • A new 76 space, B2-zoned lot at the corner of 16th Street and A Avenue is about to open.
  • The large gravel lot on Campus Way is being paved, adding more B3 and R1 spaces.
  • More residence hall parking will be available near the East Residence Halls.
  • See the new map here.
  • We’re adding a 5th Beaver Bus and converting the North route into two new routes: Northeast and Northwest

Parking Permit Sales Dates:

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

  • Current annual commuter permit holders will be eligible to purchase 2017-18 permits in the same zone.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

  • All current annual permit holders may purchase 2017-18 permits in any available commuter zone.
  • Reserved and Dedicated spaces will be available for renewal.

Friday, September 1, 2017

  • 2017-18 annual permits will be available for sale to the full OSU community.
  • Annual residence hall parking permits will be available.

Any questions may be directed to Transportation Services at, or by calling (541) 737-2583.



SMS will be moving from the 4th floor and into the space next to circ; they will use the avenue entrance for users to come in and use the tools and space  - and NOT be using the circ desk anymore stating in the fall term. This new iteration of the  Student Multimedia Studio (SMS) will be partitioned off from the circ staff area and follow the similar pedagogy and model of the Research and Writing Studio!


Branding Tips from Daniel Moret

Last week, we looked at the university’s new brand positioning statement, and today we’ll look at brand personality.

Here’s some excerpts from the Brand Guide:


Our institution shares many characteristics with our beloved mascot, the beaver. These qualities help define the way our brand should look and feel – creating alignment between who we are authentically as an institution and how our brand comes to life. Our personality traits shape the tone and voice of our brand, driving the image for all of our communications. Each of our brand’s traits was chosen deliberately, informed by a deep understanding of what it means to be a Beaver.

Gritty and hard-working






Welcoming, friendly, open to all and enriched by difference

For more info about the university’s personality and brand, go to

The new reading room sign.


The Reading Room has a new sign!  Stop by and check it out when you have a chance, and browse the collection that’s on display.



Wednesday, July 12, 10:30 a.m. (EST), the Georgetown Center for Business and Public Policy hosts a discussion titled “Title II, Net Neutrality, and the Struggle for Balance in Broadband Regulation: A Policy Forum.



ETS LT3 – This position is on hold.

Monograph Acquisitions LT3 – This position is on hold.

Serials Acquisitions LT3 – The committee has been formed for this search.

Cataloging LT3 – A committee is in the process of being formed.

Cataloging LT3 – This position is on hold.

Circulation LT2 – The PDs for this position is being updated.  A search advocate is being sought.

Circulation LT2 – The PDs for this position is being updated.  A search advocate is being sought.

Science Librarian – This position is on hold.

Building Manager – Rachel Ziegler has accepted the position, and will start in July.

Resource Sharing/CM Unit Manager – The position has been posted and people are open to apply.


Quote of the Week

“You are educated. Your certification is in your degree. You may think of it as the ticket to the good  life. Let me ask you to think of an alternative. Think of it as your ticket to change the world.”

― Tom Brokaw