Library Undergraduate Research Awards 

Two $1,000 awards are offered annually


Please Note: These guidelines are currently under revision. The guidelines below will be in use during the 2017-2018 academic year, but next year’s guidelines may be different.



This award is open to all undergraduate students who are enrolled at Oregon State University:

  • Students may be enrolled at any OSU campus, including eCampus.
  • The award is open to students in any OSU college or program.
  • Students must be officially enrolled during spring term 2017 to receive the prize.
  • The award is open to individuals or groups. For group projects, all participating members should meet the eligibility requirements. When the winning project is a group project, the prize will be split equally among group members.


Nominated work should:

  • Reflect creative, extensive and/or original use of library collections, services or tools.
  • Be based on research conducted for a course taken during the calendar year 2017 (OSU’s Winter 2017, Spring 2017, Summer 2017, or Fall 2017 terms).
  • Include a research component. This could mean original, primary research or work that integrates information from secondary, published resources.  Projects do not need to include both types of research to be eligible.
  • Reflect work conducted under the direction of an OSU faculty member as part of a course for OSU credit. 
  • Multi-term projects (such as theses or many capstones) are not eligible.  Projects should be started and completed to fulfill requirements for a single, ten-week course.
  • Be represented by a completed project. The project may be in any format or medium. The project must be completed before the nomination deadline.