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April 2018 - New Books List

The following books have arrived at the Guin Library:



Call Number


Remote sensing and GIS for ecologists : using open source software

Wegmann, Martin

G70.4 .R455 2016


The youth guide to the ocean

Hattam, Caroline

CHILD GC21.5 .Y68 2014


Ocean : a children's encyclopedia

Woodward, John

CHILD GC9 .W66 2015


The Oregon coast quests book : Lincoln, Coos, and Benton Counties.

Oregon State University. Sea Grant College Program.

GV1202.L48 O74


The world lobster market

Pereira, Graciela

HD9472.L62 P47 2017


Review and analysis of international legal and policy instruments related to deep-sea fisheries and biodiversity conservation in areas beyond national jurisdiction

Harrison, James 

K3886 .H37 2017


Little Puffin's first flight


London, Jonathan


CHILD PZ10.3.L8534 Lhk 2015



Oh no!, or, How my science project destroyed the world

Barnett, Mac

CHILD PZ7.B26615 Oh 2010


Every turtle counts

Hunter, Sara Hoagland

CHILD PZ7.H9185 Ev 2014


Chasing at the surface : a novel

Mentyka, Sharon

CHILD PZ7.M53155 Ch 2016


Margret & H.A. Rey's Curious George at the aquarium = Jorge el curioso visita el acuario

Anderson, R. P.

CHILD PZ73 .A495927 2010


When the earth shakes : earthquakes, volcanoes, and tsunamis

Winchester, Simon

CHILD QE534.3 .W56 2015


Polar regions

Sill, Cathryn P.

CHILD QH84.1 .S55 2015


Identication guide of seaweeds on Japanese tsunami debris.

Kawai, Hiroshi

QK577.8 .I34 2015


The pier at the end of the world

Erickson, Paul

CHILD QL122.2 .E753 2014


Squid empire : the rise and fall of the cephalopods

Staaf, Danna

QL430.2 .S73 2017


Giant squid

Fleming, Candace

CHILD QL430.3.A73 F54 2016


Octopuses one to ten

Jackson, Ellen

CHILD QL430.3.O2 J32 2016


Octopus : physiology and behaviour of an advanced invertebrate

Wells, Martin John

QL430.3.O2 W44 2013


Biology of oysters

Bayne, B. L.

QL430.7.O9 B39 2017


High tide for horseshoe crabs

Schnell, Lisa Kahn

CHILD QL447.7 .S36 2015


Marine species biological data collection manual : an illustrated manual for collecting biological data at sea

Sanders, Jessica S.

QL618.6 .M375 2016


Deep-sea cartilaginous fishes of the southeastern Pacific Ocean

Ebert, David A.

QL638.6 .E233 2016


Identification guide to the deep-sea cartilaginous fishes of the southeastern Atlantic Ocean

Ebert, David A.

QL638.6 .E235 2015


The shark fin soup

Lalande, Peter

CHILD QL638.9 .L35 2016


The cardiovascular system. Morphology, control and function

Gamperl, A. Kurt

QL639 .F5 v.36 pt.A


The cardiovascular system. Development, plasticity and physiological responses

Gamperl, A. Kurt

QL639 .F5 v.36 pt.B


Birdology : 30 activities and observations for exploring the world of birds

Russo, Monica

CHILD QL676.2 .R875 2015


About marine mammals : a guide for children

Sill, Cathryn P.

CHILD QL713.2 .S547 2016


Understanding and applying risk analysis in aquaculture : a manual for decision-makers

Arthur, J. R.

SH1 .F539 no.519/1


Assessment and management of seafood safety and quality : current practices and emerging Issues

Ryder, J.

SH1 .F539 no.574


Social and economic dimensions of carrageenan seaweed farming

Valderrama, Diego

SH1 .F539 no.580


Small-scale aquaponic food production : integrated fish and plant farming

Somerville, Christopher

SH1 .F539 no.589


Marine protected areas : interactions with fishery livelihoods and food security

Westlund, Lena

SH1 .F539 no.603


Short-term projection of global fish demand and supply gaps

Cai, Junning

SH1 .F539 no.607


Greenhouse gas emissions from aquaculture : a life cycle assessment of three Asian systems

Robb, David H. F.

SH1 .F539 no.609


Microplastics in fisheries and aquaculture : status of knowledge on their occurrence and implications for aquatic organisms and food safety

Lusher, Amy

SH1 .F539 no.615


Aquaculture zoning, site selection and area management under the ecosystem approach to aquaculture : a handbook

Aguilar-Manjarrez, José

SH135 .A79 2017


Doing aquaculture as a business for small- and medium-scale farmers : Module 2 : the economic dimension of commercial aquaculture / practical training manual

Hishamunda, Nathanaël

SH135 .H57 2017


Doing aquaculture as a business for small- and medium-scale farmers : Module 1: the technical dimension of commercial aquaculture / practical training manual

Menezes, Ana

SH135 .M46 2017


Scoping study on decent work and employment in fisheries and aquaculture : issues and actions for discussion and programming.

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

SH322 .S36 2016


The RV Dr. Fridtjof Nansen in the Western Indian Ocean : voyages of marine research and capacity development

Groeneveld, Johan

SH327.5 .R83 2017


La violación de los derechos humanos en el sector pesquero : discursos de presentación durante el Día Mundial de la Pesca en la FAO = The violation of human rights in the fishing sector : introductory speeches on the occasion of World Fisheries Day at FAO.

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

SH328 .V56 2017


Voluntary guidelines for catch documentation schemes.

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

SH328 .V66 2017


Food engineering : from concept to consumer

Burgan, Michael

CHILD TP370.3 .B87 2016