As part of the Seafood Technology Bibliography Project, we thought long and hard about the philosophy and mechanics of creating bibliographies, If you are interested in creating your own bibliography, consider consulting the following.

  • How to Create a Bibliography. Webster, Janet G. 2003. Journal of Extension 41 (3)
    This article outlines the steps needed to to create a coherent and useful bibliography. Very practical!
  • A Bibliographic 'Handbook.'
    We combined elements of the philosophy described in the last article cited with our practical experience. This would be helpful if you are beginning a project or if you are troubleshooting using ProCite to create a bibliography.<
  • Bibliographies as an Extension Outreach Tool: An Old Method in a New Age. Webster, Janet G. 2003. Journal of Extension 41(3)
    This is an overview of two projects, including the Seafood Technology Project.

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