Parasites are beautiful to some, intriguing to many.  Dr. William Campbell is one of the former.  He has successfully blended his interest in art with his scientific passion for parasites. To read about his paintings, Dr. Campbell graciously wrote accompanying text for each one. 

Dr. Campbell is a Research Fellow at Drew University, a member of the US National Academy of Science, a recipient of the American Society of Parasitology Distinguished Service Award and a past president of the American Society of Parasitology. While he was Director of Parasitology at Merck, he was centrally involved in developing Ivermectin, the cure against river blindness and spearheaded its free distribution to millions of people in one of the first examples of a public/private partnership in international health.

This exhibit features four of Dr. Campbell's paintings from the collection of another parasitologist, Dr. Kym Jacobson.  Kym is the latest in an esteemed line of marine fish parsitolgists at the Hatfield Marine Science Center. The first, Ivan Pratt, started as faculty member in OSU’s Zoology Department in1946.  He established a parasitology laboratory at HMSC in 1965 and worked with students and his friends, the parasites, until his death in 1973.  Bob Olson joined Dr. Pratt in 1968. His work on identifying the parasites of Oregon’s estuarine and marine animals continues today.  Kym extends the HMSC parasitology tradition in her work for NOAA on the parasites of coastal pelagic species and salmon.

To learn more about marine parasites, we suggest the following:

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