StoryAuthorAudio RecordingsOther Recordings
"The Moon and Stars Talks"Tara ClancyListen via The Moth
"Unusual Normality"Ishmael BeahListen via The Moth

"The Quest for Chad"

Arthur BradfordListen via The MothWatch via YouTube: Ron Meets Chad Everett
"The Hourse of Mourning"Kate BraestrupListen via The Moth
"The Girl from Beckenham"Suzi RonsonListen via The Moth
"God, Death, and Francis Crick"Christof KochListen via The MothWatch via YouTube
"Fog of Disbelief"Carl PillitteriListen via The MothWatch via YouTube
"The Two Times I Met Laurence Fishburne"Chenjerai KumanyikaListen via The Moth 
"It Matters a Great Deal"Kevin McGeehan

Listen via The Moth

Watch via YouTube
"A Tale of Two Dinners"Bliss BroyardListen via The Moth 
"Untitled"Louis C.K.No recording
"Walking with RJ"Stephanie PeiroloListen via The Moth
Watch via YouTube
"Go the F*ck to Sleep"Adam MansbachListen via The Moth
As read by Jennifer Garner, and Samuel L Jackson
"Panic on the Road to Jericho"Nadia Bolz-Weber"Listen via The Moth
"Jenny"Samuel JamesListen via The Moth
"Deja Vu (Again)"Cole KazdinListen via The Moth 
"Call Me Charlie"Josh BondListen via The Moth 
"Modern Family"Sara BarronListen via The Moth 
"R2, Where Are You?"Tig NotaroListen via The MothWatch via YouTube
"The Shower"Tomi ReichentalListen via The Moth 
"Cut"Josh RoderListen via The Moth 
"A Phone Call"Auburn SandstromListen via The Moth 
"Who Can You Trust?"Mary-Claire KingListen via The MothWatch via YouTube
"A New Home"Dori Samadzai BonnerListen via The Moth 
"Greener Grass"Jane GreenListen via The Moth 
"As If I Was Not There"Peter PringleListen via The Moth 
 "Stumbling in the Dark"John Turturro Listen via The MothWatch via YouTube
 "Coming of Age in a Mausoleum" George Dawes GreenListen via The MothWatch via YouTube
"Downstairs Neighbors" Shannon CasonListen via The Moth 
 "Undercover in North Korea with Its Future Leaders"Suki Kim Listen via The Moth 
"My Grandfather's Shoes" Christain Garland Listen via The MothWatch via YouTube
"Leaping Forward" Cybele Abbett Listen via The Moth 
"Prom" Hasan Minhaj Listen via The Moth 
"But Also Bring Cheese" Kate Tellers Listen via The Moth 
"Tired, From New York" Jessi Klein Listen via The Moth 
"An Impossible Choice" Sasha Chanoff Listen via The Moth Watch via YouTube: An Impossible Choice (documentary)
"Then You Will Know!" Moshe Schulman Listen via The Moth 
"The Price of Freedom" Noreen Riols 

No recording

"Summer Camp" Meg Wolitzer Listen via The Moth 
"The Weight of a Ring" Amy Biancolli Listen via The Moth

Watch via YouTube

"Light and Hope" Bethany Van Delft Listen via The Moth 
"Kidneys and Commitments" Gil Reyes Listen via The Moth 
"On Approach to Pluto" Cathy Olkin 

No recording

 "Forgiveness"Hector Black Listen via The MothWatch via YouTube
"California Gothic" Taylor Negron Listen via The MothWatch via YouTube