There are self-service copiers by the Front Desk. Library staff will help you set up an account code or assist with cash copying. The book copier is especially designed to make book copying easy and to protect the collection. Both copiers do double-sided.

Regular copies are $0.07 with an account code and $0.10 with cash.


One of the copiers will scan and send to email (called eCopy). It allows you to scan documents in JPG (single page only), PDF, TIFF (Group 4 2D) or TIFF Class F (Group 3 1D) formats and send them to your email address. Your mailbox will need to have sufficient storage space for your documents; otherwise the documents will be lost when sent. You will use the code 2131 to activate the system.

Map Copies

The Valley Library staff can make black & white copies of maps. University Archives and Maps (3rd floor) has a large selection of maps for patron use. To place an order, bring the map(s) to the Guin Library Staff and we will get the copies made. It will take up to a week given transit time to Corvallis

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