The HMSC Station Bibliography contains citations for publications written by researchers and students affiliated with the Hatfield Marine Science Center (HMSC).  This bibliography is a work in progress. It contains many, but certainly not all, publications by HMSC authors. Authors include OSU students and faculty at HMSC and at the OSU Seafood Lab in Astoria, Oregon, as well as the staff of various agencies located at HMSC:  ODFW, USFW, EPA, NOAA, USGS, USDA .  The names of authors affiliated with HMSC appear in bold print. Last names of researchers based at HMSC as graduate students are followed by single asterisks (*). Names of researchers based at the OSU Seafood Lab in Astoria as graduate students are followed by double asterisks (**).

Links have been added for articles designated as digital open access.  More material will continue to be added to the list, including the conference proceedings and papers, books and book chapters, theses and various other reports.

Support for this work comes from the OSU Libraries.  We also wish to gratefully acknowledge the contribution made to the bibliography by George Ditsworth, a retired EPA researcher and library volunteer. Please contact the Guin Library (  with corrections, additions and suggestions.

HMSC Station Bibliography (web version)

HMSC Station Bibliography (Word  version through June, 2012)