General Information

The Guin Library Carrels are primarily for short-term use (3-6 months) by Oregon State University faculty and graduate students as well as visiting researchers and students. Longer-term use (six to twelve months) is on an "as available" basis. Assignment of the Carrels is at the discretion of the Librarian. Priority goes to graduate students studying for comprehensive examinations or finishing theses, and faculty members working on short-term projects.

Carrels are not substitutes for offices. The Graduate Loft is available for regular graduate student offices. Faculty planning on extended stays at HMSC should request office space through the HMSC Research Facility Coordinator.

Graduate Students

Carrels are available to graduate students who are studying for oral or written examinations, or who are in the final phases of their writing and research. The student must submit a letter from their major professor stating why there is a need. All renewals of space must be written and sent to the Librarian.

OSU and HMSC Faculty

Carrels are available for both short-term and longer-term use. The Librarian will assign carrels as available. For long-term use, the faculty member must discuss his/her need with the Research Facility Coordinator and the Librarian. All renewal requests must be written and sent to the Librarian.

Visiting and Affiliated Researchers and Students

Carrels are available for short-term use as available. Requests are made via the HMSC Research Facility Coordinator. Renewals of the space is discouraged.

Day Use

Often carrels are available for drop-in use for a day. Available carrels are unlocked and the door is open.


Lockers are available to anyone on a first come, first served basis. They can be checked out for long-term use. Ask Library Staff for assistance.