OSU Libraries & Press is pleased to make available conference rooms, general meeting rooms, and classroom space to the OSU community in support of academic success, intellectual freedom, and free speech. These rooms are exclusively for university activities and are available to university faculty, staff, and students to schedule, per Oregon Administrative Rules (576-005-0015).These rooms may also be scheduled by SEIU and the Coalition of Graduate Employees for meetings between the organization and their OSU members. The serving of alcohol in these spaces is limited to library and University Administration functions, with exceptions accepted on a case-by-case basis by the University Librarian.

The primary purpose of the rotunda of The Valley Library is to provide a space for students to study. It is used for Library and Press functions and occasionally for university functions.

Every attempt is made to respect the primary purpose of the rotunda – namely, being a study space for students – so that limits the number of functions hosted especially during mid-terms, dead week, and finals.

Guidelines for the use of the Special Collections & Archives Research Center reading room can be found on their website.

Guidelines for the use of Undergrad Research and Writing Studio can be found on their website

Please contact the Don Frier at (541) 737-4633 or at don.frier@oregonstate.edu if you have questions about the use of the rotunda.

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