In September 2015, the Valley Library’s Learning Commons implemented Campus Recycling’s “All in the Hall” program — but with a slight twist. In addition to pairing trash bins with paper and can/bottle recycling bins (the standard model), the library also added compost bins so that food waste and compostable materials would not be sent to the landfill. The strategy worked, and library patrons in the Learning Commons (the library’s pilot site) used all the disposal options available. 

Two waste audits were completed before and after the pilot program was implemented: one on the Sunday of winter finals week and one previously on the Sunday of fall finals week. The amount of trash thrown away on finals Sunday in December decreased by 42% when compared to finals Sunday in March. Way to go, Beavs!

The Learning Commons All in the Hall Compost and Recycling Pilot will continue in winter term 2016. So keep up the good work sorting waste, and, remember, composting and recycling is orange.

Posted - January 15, 2016