OSU Libraries makes desktop and laptop computers available to students, faculty and staff with a valid ONID account to provide access to library collections and other information resources for the purpose of supporting and facilitating learning, research, and teaching. OSU Libraries also provides a limited number of computers that may be used by students, faculty, staff, and by guests without valid ONID accounts.

In accordance with the OSU Libraries’ policy regarding the issuance of library cards, all patrons under the age of 16 are required to have parental/guardian consent before using the computers located in OSU Libraries. Patrons under the age of 16 will be required to obtain a library card or a computer use card by submitting a completed application that includes the signature of a parent or guardian. Read the complete policies on accounts.

Academic Emphasis

Priority use of OSU Libraries computers is for research and library resource access. Course-related work and university research have preference at all times. If the number of workstations is insufficient to meet demand, non-priority activities will be restricted. These include, but are not limited to, any of the following that are unrelated to coursework or research:

  • Game playing
  • Reading/sending personal email
  • Web surfing
  • Movie watching
  • Chat, instant messaging, social networking

Time Limit

When others are waiting to use a computer, sessions are limited to 60 minutes.

Misuse of Computers

Computers must be used in compliance with state and federal laws and with University Policy: 08-005 Acceptable Use of University Resources. Those who violate this policy or state or federal laws may be subject to criminal or disciplinary proceedings.