Anne Bahde, rare books and history of science librarian at OSU's Valley Library, is one of the winners of an award from the Center for Research Libraries. The 2016 Primary Source Award in Research recognizes the book “Using Primary Sources, Hands-On Instructional Exercises,” published in 2015. Anne Bahde is one of three co-editors. This monograph, aimed at special collections librarians, archivists, faculty, and museum professionals, surveyed innovative methods to promote the successful use of primary sources in student research. 

After noticing a dearth of tools to assist in effectively teaching the use of special collections, the three academic librarians solicited a broad range of examples from their peers. They selected 30 exercises for this study, representing a variety of materials formats (including postcards, maps, legal documents, and digital files), designated audiences (K–12 to college students), and instructors’ roles (librarians, professors, museum professionals). The book is divided into two sections: the first part provides examples of “classic” primary source materials (asking students to identify the type of primary source, its provenance, and intended audience); and the second part explores innovative exercises “that delve deeper into the sources.”

Posted - April 27, 2016