• Guin's Course reserves are located at the front of the library (on the wall opposite the printer)
  • Books are grouped by their class and also have a class number sticker on their spines
  • Guin Library's Course Reserves are for in-library use only and do not check out/leave the library
  • Reserves are intended for short-term use and to be shared with the entire class.
  • All materials currently available on Course Reserve are listed in the library's catalog (https://guin.library.oregonstate.edu); you may search by class or instructor.


OSU Reserves: 


Student Access to Course Reserves

  • Course material is provided to OSU Students by the library in both physical and digital formats. 
  • This list has many of the digital versions with a direct link. You can search for both physical and digital items here, by course, instructor, or textbook title.
  • If the library doesn't have a required text for your course, we will do our best to get one for you and your classmates to share if you fill out this form.
  • If you find a course reserve item that is open source or free, please email hmsc.library@oregonstate.edu with the information.
  • Students can also borrow textbooks from the Basic Needs Center (BNC). Done with your textbook? Consider donating it to the HSRC Library!
  • Questions? Please contact the Ask a Librarian service for help!


Instructors and Teaching Assistants

  • Please use this form: Purchase Request for Collections and Course Reserves
  • If you have personal copies of course materials that you are able to lend to the library for your students to borrow, we are happy to facilitate. Please fill out the request form linked above and note it on the form.
  • Requests will be filled in the order received. You will be notified when your materials are available.
  • As we respond to course reserves requests we will prioritize our work in this way:
    • First, we will try to secure licensed, digital copies of books and articles (subject to licensing and availability).
    • Second, we will purchase physical copies of the texts to share with students at the Circulation Desk.
    • Third, we will scan print materials and give students access based on Control Digital Lending's 1:1 ratio principle as time and resources permit.
    • We will also share open source or free materials where they are available.
  • Please know that we appreciate each of you and your commitment to our students.
  • Reserve requests can take up to a week to process. Please plan accordingly. An email notification will be sent when items are available for circulation.
  • Copyright Notice
  • Textbook Collection Policy

For further information, please visit: Instructor's Guide to Placing Material on Course Reserve

Questions? Please contact hmsc.library@oregonstate.edu for help!